Ask Henry

Dear Mr. Harrison,
While inquiring why my workload has slowed down, I was just informed by Streetlinks AMC that Chase has placed me on a banned list. Streetlinks cannot tell me why or for what reason. All they are saying is to get in touch with Chase.

I have tried 7 different numbers for Chase, Chase Financial, Chase Home Lending etc. and they are all telling me there is no appraisal department and no way to help me get this resolved. I even went into a Chase branch. Chase is telling me to go back to the AMC to find out who the contact person is. Naturally, Streetlinks does not give out that info and are directing me back to Chase, who directs me back to the AMC who directs me back to Chase who directs me back to the AMC and on and on and on.

I never received any notification from Chase explaining why they are banning me. It seems unfair that I can be placed on a 'do not use' list without any explanation or any chance to rebut what they felt is wrong with the appraisal. I’m not afforded any appeal, and I was informed that they share these lists. 10 years as an appraiser and not one single complaint, and now this and no one can tell me why or how? This is my livelihood! I have a mortgage and bills like everyone else. I cannot afford to not work.

Any help, suggestions, numbers to call...ANYTHING that you can offer that can help me resolve this would be truly and deeply appreciated.

Frustrated and unfairly treated,
Your Fan

P.S. I know it was with Streetlinks because they were the only AMC I was doing any work with.

Dear Fan,
Your situation is, unfortunately, not an isolated example of this unfair type of treatment. The easiest thing to do is hire an attorney to represent you. Other things that you can do is file complaints with the Appraisal Commission, or Banking Commission in your state.

Good luck, but I am not very hopeful that you will get satisfactory results no matter what you do.