Dear Henry,
You taught a two week class I attended in the early 1970s. I believe it was the Society’s 101. Lewis Garber was the other instructor. To this day, I share the most important lessons I learned at that class.

First thing the second Monday, you stood in front of the class and wrote an odd word on the blackboard. You asked if anyone knew what it was. The word was NOGGIN. Everyone was stumped, so you explained it was the rubble that was put between the half timbers of an English Tudor house. My explanation may not be precise, but I’ll argue I should get an A just for remembering this.
The second wasn’t so much a lesson, but a funny story. At the start of a session, with no explanation, Lewis proceed to read a very old legal description recorded in his home state of Tennessee ). It was a lengthy and eventually the class came to realize what Lewis was reading. Then came the punchline. The “coordinate” that had everyone howling was when Lewis read something to the effect of … in an easterly direction 27 rods to where Jonah shot the bear.  
Two or three years after that course, I had an appraisal assignment that took me too Connecticut. I made a point to stop in and say hello. It’s been a long time Henry. From all I can tell, it appears you are doing well. Just thought I’d say hello and wish you well.
- Mike Hesson

Dear Mike,
It was great to receive your letter. Lewis and I held the SRA record for teaching the most SRA 101 classes together. You are correct, I am doing well, writing books and enjoying working with my son H Alex producing REV Magazine. Hopefully, you are doing well too.