Sound Off!

A Tired Appraiser

A happy and prosperous New Year to all at Real Estate Valuation and Ask Henry Harrison!

Lot of talk out there about regression analysis becoming part of a report. I for one would be happy, but foresee a few problems. I gave up on regression as most of the people reading the reports did not understand what it is or what it means. Secondly, data input is as critical as with a real market comparison. My experience is that any savvy computer person can make the market comparison say anything they want. Sad, but there are no rules for the data input, and it often has to be expanded to competing neighborhoods.

There is no substitute for honesty and good judgment. Experience in these trying times is more important than ever.

I'm tired. Tired of taking a rap for working for an AMC. (I do a fair number of reviews, and most would not make it to first base for the people I work for!) Tired of competitors coming fifty miles, with no local MLS data, or geographic competence writing meaningless reports to support a value that cannot be reconciled.

Joe Johnson
Certified Residential Appraiser - Florida