I Wish You Good Luck with the Blog
Thanks for all the good help you've provided over all the years. I wish you and all the REV folks good luck with the BLOG.

Mark O’Brien


Keep Up the Good Work

Good job guys love the magazine and its content. Keep up the good work. I need all the help that I can get. I have used your services before.

Rick Dalton's Appraisal Service


It's Been A Great Ride

Dear Henry:

I can remember one of the earliest seminars I took from you -- I think it was on Hilton Head Island about 30 years ago with the AACA -- and you have always been an inspiration to me and my staff. Through your seminars, guidebooks, forms and especially those bass worms (!), you have added a dimension to the appraisal industry that isn't even closely matched by others. Maybe your name won't be on any appraisal theory or a bricks-and-mortar library but you will always be the first and foremost authority on how to survive in the appraisal business.

It's been a great ride –– and as I can see from your photos, it ain't over yet!!

Bill Buchalter
Certified Appraisal Service

P.S. Seems like Florida is a great place to be; I am writing to you from there myself. If you ever want to do some fishing or chew the fat, I am right down the road from you in Stuart.