May You Live In Interesting Times...

We all probably know the playful Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times." Watching the current political gambits on TV and YouTube it certainly reminds us that we live in a new instant age. Unfortunately, at least so far, this "silly season" seems to be a lot more about entertainment than substance.

The political process at the moment appears to be primarily (pun intended) a media and money circus, rather than a realistic and practical discussion of the work that needs to be done to deal with America's real problems, both economic and social.

Given our current economic doldrums, and the continuing problems of unfair taxation, high unemployment, millions of Americans still without health care, and the dismal condition of our infrastructure, it's easy to become disheartened.

Still, I feel that there's real hope to focus on.

Although we are firmly part of a global economy now, America continues to be the one country that still offers the most personal opportunity, growth, innovation and success for millions of people from thousands of diverse backgrounds.

We have all THE BASICS right here. Our economy is vast, responsive and solid under the current turbulence. Let's hope 2012 proves to be a year of wisdom, power and potency, for our country, its leaders...and our profession!