Ask Henry

Number of Comp Photo Reshoots

Dear Henry,

A larger appraisal management company is now requesting that the comp photos be recent to the season in which the appraisal is being completed. If a home is being appraised in the summer, they do not want comparable photos with snow or fall colored leaves on them.

How many times can an appraiser afford to retake old comp photos with gas at $3.15 a gallon, never mind the time consuming effort of going there in the first place. Some of my comps are in rural areas where each one could be 20-30 miles away from the other.

Is this a legal and legitimate request?

Jean Black

Dear Jean,

Often AMCs do not realize that their requests substantially increase the appraiser's costs. The USPAP requires that you have a scope of work dialogue with the lender/client. Unless something they requests conflicts with the requirements of the USPAP they are not in my opinion illegal or illegitimate. You really have four choices as to what to do. 1. Try to talk them out of the requirement. 2. Tell them that it requires extra work for which you expect extra pay. 3. Do what they request. 4. Refuse to do the assignment.