Sound Off!

To the Editor:

Lots of talk about regression analysis these days. Wonderful stuff that can be a useful tool. Like the form 1004MC, however, regression analysis is subject to the same pitfalls. Data input, the size of the sample, and the distance encompassed determine the results. Who determines the input?

When all is said and done, there is no substitute for experience, honesty, and integrity. We should have learned from the Savings and Loan fiasco that appraisers hold the very financial welfare of the country in their hands. Despite some efforts, the pressure to "sell money" remains an undue influence that continues to lead to disaster. How is it that the largest holders of residential debt, $150 billion in bad debt (and climbing), continue to have an undue influence on writing the rules? I know there's a lot of political pressure; however, someone has to step up and say "enough is enough".

I am but a voice in the wilderness - but maybe Henry Harrison can open a few eyes and ears of those with some influence?!

Joe Johnson
Certified Residential Appraiser, FL