A New Way to Earn Approved C.E. Credit: Webinars from Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University has teamed up with two well known appraiser-educators to launch web conferencing, in a format that qualifies for state-approved C.E. credit. Richard Heyn, SRA, and Dawn Molitor-Gennrich, SRA, are respected appraisal educators with a long history of teaching C.E. As Webinar developers, they bring many years of strong classroom experience to this project. While conventional on-line education is convenient and eliminates travel costs, many students find that they miss interacting with the instructor and hearing the comments and questions of other attendees. Anyone who has taken a live course knows that the ongoing class discussions can be as important as the course content in making the class interesting, accessible and informative. When you consider your C.E. needs, it's time to explore Webinars -- the new virtual classroom! For more information about NMU's appraisal courses, click this link: