Ask Henry

UAD Updates and Corrections

Dear Henry,

I am going to take advantage of your COMBO offer and order your new Complete UAD Guide and the Illustrated Guide to the URAR form. However...I noticed that the UAD is already being revised. How will you handle that? Will you be emailing updates, blogging about them or what? I realize it is our responsibility to stay up on this; however you might have a great sales tool if you promised to cover all updates on your website or send something by email to us. I have a fear of missing something if it is only up to me to track this monster coming in September! I don't underestimate what a big change this will mean for us appraisers.

Alisa McKeel Willson
CA State Certified Appraiser

Dear Alisa,

You are quite right in assuming that there will be corrections and updates to the UAD instructions. I am putting the final touches on my Complete UAD Guide now. I've already found many inconsistencies between Fannie Mae's Addenda D and Addenda A, which I think they will have to resolve. Other problems will no doubt be uncovered as the UAD is analyzed, considered, added to software packages, and implemented.

Since UAD updates and corrections appear to be a certainty, you'll be glad to know that we do plan to publish all updates to my Complete UAD Guide as they are released, on our Real Estate Valuation Magazine & BLOG. All subscribers will receive email notifications of these changes when they've been posted. (Subscriptions to REV Magazine Online are free. The update link is at the top of the righthand column.)

I'm frankly surprised by how many of our readers seem to be oblivious regarding this major Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac initiative. They apparently do not realize yet just how complex the UAD requirements are, which go into effect for all Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac URAR appraisals with effective dates from September 1, 2011 on.