Sound Off!

Rebuttal to Complaint about Appraiser Honesty

Dear H2,

I would be glad to respond to the person who complained about over and under appraisals, and seemed to imply that all appraisers are dishonest. Performing residential appraisals daily with anguish and anxiety, trying to find the best comparables to fit the appraisal assignment in a market where more often than not, sales are infrequent or dated at best — I strive to provide the best possible product in a world of increasing competition for less than reasonable fees. My reports incorporate the latest statistical analysis (something we never did back in the old days) and I strive to stay educated and up to date on the latest analytical tools which have made my reports more credible than ever.

In an age, where good appraisers are dying off (like me!) and good new appraisers are becoming harder to find....I can only surmise that the writer, Austin Meredith, has not had the good fortune to run into any of the many good appraisers that still do exist, who do not blow their own horns, but go quietly about their days, still taking pride in their work and striving to produce the best possible product at all times. Happy appraising — honest and professional appraising — in not cookie cutter or boilerplate work!


Donna Gutierrez
Appraisals All Islands

Dear Donna,

I can understand your frustration with the current state of affairs in the appraisal profession. There are a lot of under-trained appraisers who turn out poor work, and some dishonest ones too, giving our profession a bad name. A big problem is the marketplace has many buyers of appraisals who are not interested in quality and integrity. I think things are slowly getting better. Time will tell.


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