Ask Henry

Apple Watch Q&A
On a recent Southwest Flight from Orlando to Hartford, a neighboring passenger spotted my Apple Watch. I spent most of the rest of the trip answering questions and demonstrating the watch to several other nearby passengers.

Question: Do I need a cell phone to run an Apple Watch?

Answer: Yes! It requires an iPhone 5 or later model.

Question: How much does an Apple Watch cost?
Answer: There are three basic models: “Watch”, “Sport” (slightly smaller) and “Edition.” Mechanically they are all the same. The size, case material and band make the difference.
- Sport with 38mm aluminum case & sport band lists for $349.00
- Watch with 42mm silver aluminum Case and sport band lists for $399.00
- Edition with 38mm gold case lists for $10,000+
- Edition with 42mm gold case lists for $12,000+

Question: How long does the battery last?
Answer: This depends upon your usage. So far I have not run the battery below 25% in one day, but I do put it back on the charger each night.

Question: Is the Apple Watch waterproof.
Answer: It is supposed to be O.K. to wash your hands, shower or drop your Apple Watch in the toilet for a few moments! There are stories online of people going swimming with it on. I haven’t had the courage to do so.