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Industry Cooperation

To the Editor:

I've tried to write to Henry Harrison on industry cooperation. He's mentioned his frustration with appraisers having conflicts with one another and within their appraisal associations. Our inability to join forces is legendary.

I've been in the business going on 40 years and have attempted to find others that are willing to cross association lines in an effort to foster cooperation, for any number of purposes not the least of which is to guide legislation in directions favorable to the appraiser community.

I have talked to some other pros out here in the Portland Oregon area who are willing to get involved in an information campaign to foster understanding, cooperation and unity. We have already had praise from some legislators out here who desperately want to hear from unified Industry Coalitions. They simply don't have time to listen to individuals who may not represent everyone.

We need to get together on many issues that affect us all. The appraise community is being devastated by large powerful organizations. Do you have any resources from past articles that relate to that subject? And further, would Mr. Harrison be interested in receiving progress updates or offering his support to this kind of effort?

Thank you,
Matt Gloege, Certified Res. Appraiser
Oregon City, OR 97045

Dear Matt,

I had a discussion with Henry about your email to me, and while we both agree that a cohesive well-represented national appraisal profession would be an excellent thing, based on our experiences over the past 40+ years, we do not see any hope that this "gang of cats" can be herded together, even if it would be very much in their best interests.

Sadly, unlike doctors and lawyers, appraisers do not have any history of working in a unified manner on the national level that would enable them to have real political impact.

We appreciate your efforts in advance, and wish you the best of luck.

Ruth Lambert,