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Dear Readers:

In 2013 I was diagnosed with a sever case of Shingles that paralyzed my right leg and foot. So I took a hiatus from publishing REV Magazine and the Ask Henry Harrison blog while I recovered. Now two years later, I have recovered sufficiently to play tennis (mostly doubles), bike almost daily, and I have even started taking golf lessons (Last time I played was over 60 years ago).

I am releasing my newest line-by-line Illustrated Guide focusing on the new FHA requirements, which you can read more about below. My Harrison's Illustrated Guide How to Make an FHA Single Family Appraisal - 2015 Edition makes accessing crucial information easier for appraisers by going page-by-page through the URAR and MC forms, covering FHA and other requirements. The Model Comments sections of this book have also been updated in this edition. Appraisers who buy the book may use all of the model comments as you wish.

When I looked at our last REV issue — from Fall 2013 — I was surprised to see that not as much has changed as I expected. The previous editorial was about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who had been taken over by the Federal Government and in a conservatorship under the supervision of the US Treasury and controlled by Federal Housing and Finance Agency.

In the Fall 2013 issue, I also reported that Fannie Mae Stock was trading for less than $1.50 a share. I implied that someone looking for a highly speculative investment might be interested. In March of 2014 it sold for over $4.25. It is now selling for about $2.50. In this same issue there was a review of the HUD-FHA Handbooks 4155.2 and 4150.2. In March 2015, the two Handbooks have been replaced with a new FHA Handbook 4000.1 and a new Appraiser’s Guide. These publications were scheduled to replace the old ones in June 2015. Swamped with complaints of the short notice of the change the FHA extended the replacement date until September 15, 2015.

Over the last two years, I have answered numerous Ask Henry questions. We have selected a few some of them for immediate publication for our re-launch.

We will continue to review new Appraisal Books starting with Valuing Contaminated Properties Volume II Edited by Richard J. Roddewig, MAI. Published by the Appraisal Institute.

Our new policy will be to send an email to our mailing list each time the magazine/blog is updated. This issue was sent to your last known email address. If you would like to be notified at another address, or like to be taken off our mailing list or have our magazine sent to anyone else you think would want to receive it please click here to update your information.

My son, H Alex Harrison, Esq., editor of REV Magazine and Ask Henry Harrison Blog, now works for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, as the Executive Assistant to the Commissioners. He has assured me that he is still committed to working evenings and weekends as editor of REV magazine and the Ask Henry Harrison Blog. You can contact him at webmaster@revmag.com.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and I will try an answer all emails in a timely manner.

Welcome - Fall 2013

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the
Real Estate Valuation Magazine Online Fall 2013 Issue.

We did not run a Summer 2013 issue of the magazine because this summer has been a difficult time for me. In May, I was diagnosed with Shingles which penetrated my sciatic nerve, causing severe pain down my right leg and into my foot. For June, July and most of August I was wheelchair-bound because the disease affected my balance and walking was very painful.

I have taken the summer off to get well, and while I still have pain in my big toe, but I am relieved to report that I am feeling better and stronger every day. The road to recovery is long, but my condition has improved enough that I feel confident returning to work at this time.

There have been many interesting developments in the appraisal field during the summer. After five years, we are still feeling the lasting effects of the foreclosure crisis. We are getting reports that the flow of appraisal work is slowing down after a bit of an up swing this past spring and summer.

There has been a lot of discussion recently about Life After Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, so the editorial of this issue takes a closer look at the Rise and Fall of these two agencies. While some people are calling for the FHA to take over Freddie and Fannie, I am more concerned that FHA may also needing a financial bailout.

Speaking of the FHA, any appraiser who is doing FHA appraisals needs a laundry list of publications (nearly 350 pages in total). While these documents are available across the FHA website. I personally find the FHA website to be abysmal to navigate. Given how cumbersome it is to download these documents individually, I have compiled all of these resources into a packaged set available for purchase today!

With that introduction, we hope you will enjoy the Fall 2013 Issue of the magazine. Our son, H Alex continues to be actively be involved with producing the magazine as our editor. As always, if you have appraisal questions, please feel free to email me at askhenryharrison@revmag.com. For technical issues or other general questions regarding REV, or our website, please email our editor, H Alex Harrison at webmaster@revmag.com.


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Welcome - Mach 2013

Dear Readers,
Welcome to the March 2013 issue of REV. I’m pleased to report that the newest section of our Real Estate Valuation website, the
Appraisal Education Directory, is growing every week. It is the first FREE national directory designed to connect appraisers with local schools and appraisal organization chapters across the country offering classroom QE and CE appraisal courses/seminar — not just our courses/seminars, but any appraisal course or seminar. If you have yet to do so, I encourage you to visit the directory today.

Stone House Detail
Enjoy the latest issue of the magazine. We have a new editorial on when the housing market will bounce back, as well as some good news about the improving housing markets, new Ask Henry’s, an amazing Rave, and an article about the winning design from of New York’s adAPT NYC Micro-Unit Apartment Competition.

As always, if you have appraisal questions, please feel free to email me at askhenryharrison@revmag.com; for technical issues or other general questions regarding the publication, email our new editor, H Alex Harrison at webmaster@revmag.com.


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Welcome - Winter 2013

Dear Readers,
Enjoy the latest issue of the magazine. We have some new
Ask Henry's, an article on the recently announced FHA reforms, and a glimpse of new construction in China that is sure to wow the environmentalists of the group. As always, if you have appraisal questions, please feel free to email me at askhenryharrison@revmag.com; for technical issues or other general questions regarding the publication, email our new editor, H Alex Harrison at webmaster@revmag.com.

Sincerely, HSH askhenryharrison@revmag.com

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Welcome - Fall 2012

Dear Readers,
Welcome to the Fall 2012 Online Edition of Real Estate Valuation Magazine.

Real Estate Valuation Magazine started in 1986. Since then, we have published over 100 issues—75 printed editions through the Spring of 2003, and 25 online issues since then. For the past 15 years, my wife and longtime collaborator, Ruth Lambert, has been the editor of
REVMAG, assisted by our son, H Alex Harrison, who has been REV’s webmaster since we launched the site in 2003.
Henry Harrison, H Alex, and Ruth Lambert
With this issue, Ruth is retiring from a long and successful career at REV Magazine. In June 2013, Ruth is receiving her MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College (also my alma mater for my Masters in Adult Education). Thereafter, Ruth plans to start her next career as an author and teacher. Many of you know Ruth, and I am sure you will join us in wishing her well in her new endeavors.

We will continue publishing and writing for the magazine as in the past. H Alex is stepping in as Editor, effective this issue, and will continue on as REV’s webmaster.

H Alex is our youngest child (of four) and only son. He earned his J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law and B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College. He has worked for
REV as webmaster since 2003, and I welcome his vision of REV as we launch a series of new initiatives in 2013 to embrace the digital age.

Many REV readers are former students of mine, which pleases me, as real estate appraisal education is now my primary occupation. I continue to write and update my books as needed, and we have expanded our online education in collaboration with Van Ed (
www.vaned.com) in Denver, CO.

My newest seminar, “
Basic Home Construction,” has just received AQB approval. It is suitable for both Appraisers and Realtors. It will be available shortly, for both classroom and online presentation. The course is based on my best-selling product knowledge book, HOUSES: The Illustrated Guide to Construction, Design and Systems, which has sold over 500,000 copies since its first publication in 1973. (HOUSES is currently being revised; an updated version will be published in 2013.)

What’s New: Starting with the next issue, REVMAG is launching a free national Appraisal Education Directory. This Directory will list available classroom and online appraisal courses and continuing education seminars on a state-by-state basis, by date. The Directory will be continuously updated based on information we receive from schools and appraisal chapters around the country. The Appraisal Education Directory is the first of its kind, offering a single centralized location for Real Estate Professionals in every state to find basic and continuing ed courses quickly and easily.

REVMAG is poised to grow! We look forward to hearing from you, our readers, about what you want us to focus on, what features you especially enjoy and appreciate, and what's working well for you. Enjoy this latest issue of the magazine! Be sure to sign up for our
free email newsletter by entering your email address in the sign up box on the right. It is the easiest way to stay up-to-date regarding everything we offer.

Well wishes and accolades can be sent directly to Ruth (
ruth2@revmag.com); any questions or suggestions should go to our new editor, H Alex Harrison (webmaster@revmag.com); and I always welcome personal messages and your appraisal questions as well. Please email me at: askhenryharrison@revmag.com

Just as our former Editor starts on her new path, REVMAG too is growing and changing every day.


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