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Appraisal Qualification Board Q & A Vol.4, No.1
Dear Henry,
I am now considering up grading from a Certified Residential Appraiser to General Certified Appraiser. I get different answers from different people on several of the requirements. For example some people tell me my upgrade work must be supervised by a General Certified Appraisers. Others tell me it is unnecessary. My state appraisal board says it depends what is required by the Appraisal Foundation. I have tried to real all their voluminous requirement but can not find a definitive answer to the question. What do you think.

Madison, WS

Dear OJ
You are correct when you say there is no direct definitive answer to this question in the USPAP. There is an answer in the just released Appraisal Qualification Board Q & A Vol.4, No.1 dated June 2012.

This is a summary of what it says:

1. Some states have specific requirements that cover this situation. Therefore the first then than any appraiser who is considering getting a Residential or General Certification is to check with your state to see what their specific requirements are. The simplest way to do this is to send them a letter asking what if any requirement you state has. I always prefer a letter to a verbal request as if some time in the future what you have done is questioned you can fall back on the letter to explain what you did or did not do. The only problem with this communication method is that some states take a very, very long time to answer appraiser inquiry letters. If this apply to you state you should make a verbal inquiry and when you get someone who will talk to you ask them if they have anything in writing that they can send to you.

The entire AQB Q & A Vol.4, No.1, June 2012 is available to download by clicking here.



The Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) has issued the following Exposure Draft:

Fourth Exposure Draft of Proposed Revisions
to the Future
Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria


Issued on June 17, 2011; Written comments requested by September 30, 2011

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